Abyaneh: Where time stands still in Iran

Humble and super hospitable people, stunning mountain landscapes, a rich fervor of Zoroastrianism, an amazing laid back village vibe and the stunning red mud and brick houses and narrow cobbled paths, Abyaneh has to be one of my favorite places in Iran.

Located in the Karkas mountains and at about 2 hours from the gorgeous houses of Kashan and 3 hours from the mighty Persian city of Isfahan, Abyaneh has somehow managed to stay disconnected from the rest of the country. It feels as if time literally stands still here!

Decked up in snow white during the winters, Abyaneh is gorgeous all year around and pack so much into a Iran holiday that sometimes I wish I should spend my entire trip here.

Abyaneh is perfect for those lazy nature and culture holiday lovers. When I was there, all I did was amble across the village, from mountain top to valley and from one local home to another being pampered with their lovely hospitality.

The people here dressed in their traditional attire still follow Zoroastrianism in their heart even though they technically are supposed to follow Islam. They grow apples, oranges, pears, walnuts, peaches and some vegetables and herbs and herd cattle for their livelihood.

One of the oldest villages in Iran, the highlights of a visit to Abyaneh are its reddish hues of the village architecture and the vibrant clothing of its traditional women. These reddish hues are also fantastic for photography enthusiasts especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset when they shine bright against the mountain landscape. If you find yourself a hotel room with a balcony, you will pretty much see this gorgeous view all through your trip.

As you walk by these traditional reddish mud and brick houses and through fruit orchards, you will come across cold mountain streams, stunning vantage points, a castle in ruins, a local mosque, local schools and so much more. This is one of those places where you can volunteer, hone your Persian language (Farsi) skills and learn about the ancient Zoroastrianism religion.

A holiday to Iran is definitely a trip that I heavily recommend and in that holiday do make sure to have Abyaneh in the itinerary. After all, it is not always that you come across one of the oldest villages in the world and where time stands still!

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