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Come Study Abroad in Portugal With Me!

If you’re a long-time reader, you know that Portugal is the place SVV and I plan to retire to eventually. We first visited for 10 days in 2006 and have been smitten ever since. The low cost of living, gorgeous scenery and authentic personalities that populate this neglected portion of the European Union is one of those low-key, off the radar places that travel magazines dream about. It’s long been a dream of ours to get back there for a longer period of time, we just needed an excuse—an excuse that cropped up this past spring while I was having a powwow with fellow entrepreneur Kristin Sweeting. Why not organize a workshop for creatives that leverages both of our skillsets and takes place in (duh) Portugal?

It was a no-brainer, really.

This is Kristin Sweeting. She’s pretty swell.

Kristin is one of Nashville’s most talented photographers, and we worked together from time to time when I was still at the magazine. She’s shot location weddings all over the US and Europe, and this summer she and her husband James launched their Study Abroad photography retreats. They’re not just incredibly kind people, but incredibly smart, too. They already had the infrastructure in place, so we decided to pool our talents and plan an even bigger retreat for creatives in Summer 2018 by building out a study abroad program in southern Europe that taps into both of our creative and business talents. Double the Kristins, double the fun (and knowledge).

When: July 28 — August 3

Where: Portugal, in the Lisbon area

What’s included: your workshop fee, six nights of lodging, breakfasts, a couple dinners and some activities

Study Abroad Portugal will touch upon all facets of running a creative business: writing, photography, social media, finances, the whole nine yards. It’s perfect for photographers wanting to expand their business, but also well-suited for writers and bloggers looking to broaden their portfolio and client base. And those who have no desire to be full-time writers or photographers but still run a non-traditional small business will have a place at the table, too—because, really, in this day and age every business person wears all the hats; you’ll never stand out in the marketplace without a grasp of insider language, a knack for photography and a bit of social media savvy.

Each day will start with break-out workshops, and you get to choose: Are you an aspiring lifestyles photographer who wants advanced photography study with (Other) Kristin? Are you interested in learning the business of blogging from me? Are you sowing your oats and just trying to figure out which skill or career is right for you? Do you want some deep, dark secrets about how we’ve been able to grow our businesses and even hire our husbands as full-time employees?

Speaking of which, we’ll probably have our business manager spouses, James and SVV, teach a session or two on negotiating and tracking finances because that’s something every entrepreneur needs to know.

Basically, we want this to be a workshop all about you and what your business needs, and we plan to tailor the curriculum to that.

The afternoons will be full of off-site activities, stylized shoots and Instagram opps, but if you’re not into group exploration, we’ll be factoring in plenty of free time where you can explore the coastal region of Portugal at your leisure. Because what good is it to have a workshop in one of the prettiest places on the planet if you’re cooped up indoors the whole time? You’ll be on your own at night, though you’re welcome to join us out for dinners, to break off with your classmates and do your own thing, or to kick it back at the rental house, pounding away on a newly inspired keyboard.

Consider Study Abroad Portugal:

  1. Self-care. You deserve that trip to Europe!
  2. Continuing education. We guarantee you’ll leave with tools needed to better your business approach.
  3. A tax write-off. Need more deductibles before 2017 draws to a close in less than three months? This is it!
  4. A place to meet new friends and business allies. I wouldn’t be where I am today as an entrepreneur were it not for the tribe I surround myself with. You might just find yours here!
  5. A whole lot of fun. Let’s be frank: The world has become a nasty place of late. You need to smile; you need joy and adventure in your life—all things that adventurous travel brings.

Come on your own, come with a friend, come with a spouse, come with your business partner—even if you’re flying solo, you won’t be alone for long.

Ready to go? You can sign up here.

All photos in this post are property of Kristin Sweeting.



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