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Ever Dreamt of Driving on Silverstone Circuit?

If you are a racing fan, you are probably familiar with the famous Silverstone Circuit in the UK. Not only is it the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, but it also hosts numerous other racing events.

The best part is that anyone can drive on this track during track days, meaning that even you can test your driving prowess against the same corners that Daniel Ricardo, Lewis Hamilton, and Sebastian Vettel clash each year for the prestige and the thrill of winning the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

You can rent a car in the UK, or at the track itself. However, any true racing fan will tell you that nothing feels as good as driving your own car. So, you need to transport your car from the USA overseas to the UK. The simplest way to do this is by a ship. Here’s the detail Ship Over Seas.

Origins of Silverstone

Like many UK’s racing tracks, Silverstone started its life as a World War II RAF airfield. After the war, many of these tracks were abandoned by the RAF, including Silverstone. A group of enthusiasts started using the track for racing in 1947, and a year later, a formal group known as Royal Automobile Club established Silverstone as a proper race track. The track is currently owned by the British Racing Drivers’ Club.

The name of the track comes from the nearby village of Silverstone in central England.

The Shape of the Track

Initially, the airfield landing strips themselves were used. As most World War II airstrips, Silverstone consisted of three landing strips arranged in a triangle. The original non-official races, as well as the first official Grand Prix races, used these strips for driving. That means that they had long straights followed by hairpin turns on each corner of the triangle.

However, soon enough they realized that the track was a bit dull and repetitive. That’s why the airstrip was abandoned, and a new track was built around it, with more bends and straights and more varied driving challenges. The track was revised and changed multiple times, but the current length of the track is just over 3.5 miles.


Another important reason why the track was changed over the years is to try to reduce the speed and reward the technical skills of the drivers rather than simple speed capabilities of the cars. In the early 1990s, the track was drastically redesigned to make it slower and safer. After the death of Ayrton Senna, the regulations required even further safety measures be introduced, which Silverstone complied with.


This racetrack has a rich and diverse history. The British Formula 1 Grand Prix was held here for years, but it was scheduled to be relocated to Donington Park. However, due to financial issues, Silverstone has remained the host and will continue to be for years to come.

Other than Formula 1 races, there have been numerous other racing events held here. Among the most interesting and crowd-gathering is the Historic Sports Cars Club racing championship. The British leg of the World Moto GP found its home on this track as well.

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